My Galactic Journey Part 5

They say that war changes a man. Well this week, war changed the entire dynamic of galactic power. Where one war ended another began. After a brief clash with the Zracon, Firintarogga, and Clixtak ended in a stalemate, a new war began. This time, the Golden Concord sought to end the Regime of Werheni Sui in a blitz. However, the Regime made some defensive pacts prior to our offensive. TuxKan and Clixtak came to the aid of our enemy and forced a division of my fleet. It was during this conflict that the NEX Continuity saw fit to gift me three ships roughly the size of our own destroyers. What was first thought to be a simple engagement turned into a nightmare. The Bebaki Consortium were completely helpless after their losses to the Great Khan. I had to divert the Retribution to aid them while the Leviathan fleet tore through straight to the capital world of Werheni. However, the TuxKan managed to outmaneuver the Retribution with a series of smaller fleets. Instead of pushing their territory, the Retribution was busy reclaiming what the Bebaki had lost. Furthermore, the Clixtak clans took advantage of my lack of preparation and began pushing on my territories. I had hoped the Sutharians would have helped on that front but again, I was disappointed. In a desperate attempt to distract the Clixtak from taking the colony of Lighthouse, I sent a smaller fleet through a wormhole and began cutting away at territory away from the front line. Surely enough this did the trick as the larger fleets of the Clixtak doubled back to reclaim their territory while I outmaneuvered them and returned my fleet safely to defend Lighthouse. I was even left hanging by the Bakturians, my strongest ally. They allowed an enemy fleet through their space and into my own. While it was nice to see them on the offensive, I can't help but wonder why they didn't defend their own border. The war dragged on for a while until all Werheni Sui worlds were occupied. Hubris was costly, however, as I had forgotten to claim one of the planets. Upon offering peace, the Regime of Werheni Sui was left with one planet and a handful of systems. The ensuing events would change the galaxy forever. 

Fresh off of a devastating defeat, the Regime of Werheni Sui sought to strengthen its bonds with the TuxKan Autocracy and formed the Star Axis. Soon the Zracon Alliance, Hierarchy of Firintogga, and the Lethal Instrument Clixtak Clans would join this new galactic alliance. The Golden Concord now has a rival. The two unaffiliated empires, the Mect-Pux Autocracy and Havrigga Khanate, swiftly signed a defensive pact with each other. Not too long after that, the Zracon Alliance declared a rivalry with the Mect-Pux Autocracy. This triggered the Havrigga Khanate to end their relationship with the Star Axis and now war seems likely. The Golden Concord does not have a dog in this fight but may take the opportunity to weaken the Star Axis while it is distracted. The fleets are ready, all we need is a reason and an opportunity to take the first strike against the Star Axis.

My Galactic Journey Part 4

War continues in the Milky Way. The war with the Tuxkan Autocracy ended in a form of stalemate, although we alongside the Bebaki Mandate managed to claim a significant number of Tuxkan systems. Afterward, I was able to push out some of the unwanted federation associates through some heated words and claims on their systems. My refusal to play nice with monarchies and dictators led to those groups banding together through defensive pacts. The eventual war between them and the Golden Concord will shape the future of the galaxy. 

After taking care of the federation and the war with the Tuxkan Authority, it was time to end the Thek Qlak Bloodborne. The fleets were reinforced and in position, so I decided to declare war as soon as the truce expired. This time, our final push to eliminate the Thek threat was interrupted by the emergence of a leader known as the Great Khan. This warlord managed to unite the Havrigga pirate clans and their rapid expansion claimed many victims. I rushed to finish off the Thek but by the time that was done, the Xaplo Empire and the Photecian Galactic Republic met their end. The Bebaki Mandate began to take heavy losses and the Khan eyed my territory as well. Luckily for the rest of the galaxy, the Havrigga Khanate was more or less limited in the territory it could reach. Lack of access to wormholes and proximity to the Nex Continuity shielded most space empires. However, the territory I owned in the region contained a wormhole that led to the border of my systems and the Bakturians. We made our stand in the Asterope system. Even as my starbases around the wormhole fell, I maintained a strong fleet at the one point I could not let fall. Other members of the federation, who were not directly threatened, supported our stalwart defense. All of this while the bastard Helvar Raiders took this opportunity to wreak havoc on the back end of my systems. Years later the Khan was assassinated by an unknown entity and the rapid expansion of the Havrigga stopped. Soon they would be reformed as a the Havrigga Successor Khanate but without the Great Khan at the helm, I doubt they will be an issue to deal with. However, I did not forget the behavior of the Helvar Raiders during this conflict. I plan to build an immense fleet to wipe them out entirely.

My Galactic Journey Part 3

The galaxy is a war zone. With the world going to hell, it was time to form new friendships. Now the Bakturians, Vivisandians, Bebaki, and Sutherians have joined the Golden Concord as full-fledged federation members. Our combined might had an immediate effect on the balance of power. Now, the Thek Bloodborn are on their last breath. Surrounded on all sides, they now only hold 4 systems and it is only a matter of time until the threat of galactic genocide is thwarted forever. Unfortunately, all is not well with the Golden Concord. Our new members have formed relationships and granted association status to dictators and slavers. I'm losing control over who we associate with and how the Golden Concord treats the ideals of democracy. They are going to need some convincing to crush the monarchies and dictatorships that mar our galaxy.

I also started my own war with the Interstellar Tuxkan Autocracy. This was a great opportunity to flex my muscles and deploy the newly constructed battleships. The human fleets have claimed a handful of systems and are working to secure the Bebaki claims. Unfortunately, some slaves are getting caught in the crossfire but we are doing our best to selectively bomb their ground forces. I hope this war changes their mind about the value of egalitarianism. 

At home, things are looking dire. We found some abandoned terraforming equipment in our new colony. For fear of losing habitability, we destroyed the equipment. In hindsight, this was a very bad idea. Not too long after this, earthquakes began to devastate the planet. I should not have done that thing. Oh, and remember those NEX vaccines? Yeah, those were bad too. A genetic mutation had to be contained in Atlas. These mutations have spawned new militaristic and Xenophobic factions and that's not good. However, we did manage to settle the world in the Regor System at the NEX Continuity's request. We're also playing host to a strange gaseous lifeform on a pair of gas giants within our systems. They needed help to migrate and saw no harm in helping them out. This can't go wrong, can it?

My Galactic Journey Part 2

Who would have thought that the humans of the Solar Aligned Systems could become a leader in the galactic picture? Well, that appears to be exactly what is happening in the Milky Way. Our advancements in technology and governance have been influential in distant sectors of the galaxy. A handful of formerly terrible empires have adopted egalitarian and xenophilic social ideologies and one even became a wholly representative democracy! I am excited to reopen diplomatic channels with these reformed empires. Perhaps our federation will welcome a new member on the other side of the galaxy. I hope this can happen because there is no way in hell that I want to settle there.

The terrors of space continue to...umm, terrify me. The Apollo has recently come across a thing that we only refer to as a DIMENSIONAL HORROR. Yes, always in all caps. This thing appears to be tearing through the fabric of reality. There is currently no plan for dealing with this otherworldly being. At least it is far away, which is something my Bakturian friends cannot say about the newest threat discovered by the Odyssey. It has been described as an eater of worlds, although that may be an understatement. The Stellar Devourer has been observed near Bakturian space. It is currently in the process of eating a star. I don't know how this is possible but at this point, how am I surprised by anything?

Back at home, we've had great success in raising the Baanthurians to sapience. They now inhabit cold worlds that our current population could not. There was some ideological conflict but our guiding hand ensured their peaceful assimilation to our culture. We've also made improvements to our droids, making them cheaper to manufacture so we can fill out some undesirable planets. We've elected our first alien chancellor. A Bakturian named Dagguth stepped away from his research to lead the Solar Aligned Systems. I'm proud of how far we've come as a society. The Retribution fleet absorbed the Voidwake and their combined strength is being used to obliterate pirate fleets. Ship production has been ramping up overall and we are currently preparing for a potential war with the Regime of Wehren Sui. I do not expect much assistance in any near future conflict. 

War is not what has me at most unease, however. The Nex Continuity has been acting strangely and now they've truly frightened me. We were approached by the machines and they told us that there is a biological flaw in our populations. They offered to give us vaccines to help combat an unknown threat. This is all part of their plan...something called the Custodian Project. I don't know what it means. I had to make a difficult decision but have decided to accept their offer. I pray this doesn't backfire.

My Galactic Journey Part 1.5?

What If Humans Were Good And Reached For The Stars? That is exactly what I aim to find out as I play Stellaris. If you follow me on Twitter, you already know that this game goes to some wild places. If not, fear not! You can read about the first leg of my space-faring journey right here! Formatting is going to be weird until I find something that makes sense. 

The Solar Aligned Systems are growing. A rapid expansion over many stars has resulted in the abundance of mineral and energy resources. The colonies Orion and Pandora were established with flourishing populations, growing strongly due to our agricultural accomplishments. Migration treaties have also contributed greatly to our growth and diversification is making the Solar Aligned Systems a beacon of hope in this war-torn galaxy. In fact, alien races are now in leadership positions up to and including candidacy for the chancellorship. Our research agreements with federation associates have yielded more than we could have imagined. Cruiser class ships are now commonplace and we’ve even developed wormhole travel, the latter of which will be explored later. The newly refurbished fleets were used to crush increasingly threatening pirate forces.

Away from our core systems our science ships, the Odyssey, Apollo, and Pathfinder, have made many exciting and disturbing discoveries. Disturbing, as in, we’ve disturbed the peaceful space whales. The Odyssey flew into a system for research but soon found that the space whales were fucking. The space whales, who are probably embarrassed and angry, became aggressive and forced the retreat of our team. The Odyssey would later discover an ancient alien vault, where a now extinct alien civilization drew its last breath. Stored inside were data caches containing brain scans and through trial and error, our scientists were able to upload their consciousnesses to robotic bodies! These newly awoken beings now inhabit a world unfit for human life. They are working for us, although the extent of their self-awareness is unclear and I anticipate this will become an important legal item as we develop artificial intelligence further. Though these discoveries excite me, I also have some unnerving news to share about the expeditions of both the Apollo and Pathfinder crews. The Pathfinder found a temporarily dormant sphere that we have dubbed the “Infinity Orb.” It took some time but our scientists managed to communicate with the machine intelligence within. This being is attempting to calculate infinity and appears to know a lot, although its knowledge is seemingly unattainable. I fear for what power this orb may hold and what the machine will do once it has completed its calculations. A smaller threat, but a threat nonetheless, are the mining drones patrolling the galaxy. These drones are hostile but we have been unable to determine their owner, and their payloads haven’t been collected by any form of a transport ship.

Earlier I mentioned wormhole travel being made possible. Well, we’ve gone further than that. After finding a suitable specimen, the Apollo took a leap across the galaxy, literally! The ship and crew made it across successfully and are now exploring space we would not have gone to by conventional means. In this empty sector of the galaxy, we found a fallen empire of machines that call themselves the Nex Continuity. Shortly after first contact, these machines donated a significant allocation of resources to our empire. I’m unsure of their motives or if I’ll ever have to pay them back. Among the concerning things in this sector are these strange ship sized crystal lifeforms. They are hostile to all ships and do not respond to communication. I’m concerned that they will become a barrier to settling this area. A promising curiosity revealed itself as well. A primitive race of plantoid life in the Nuclear Age was discovered in one of the many systems surveyed. There are currently plans to study their society as it develops. These studies may have to wait, however, as there are more pressing matters at hand.

The Pelisimus Citizen Confederation is currently having problems with some unsavory factions rising up in their empire and declaring independence. We coordinated and with a combined force of the Federation fleet and their own ground forces, we were able to quell the rebellions. Our federation associates are having their own problems as well. The Bakturians and the Sutharians are both making deals with some cruel regimes. I’m concerned that these relationships will go too far but on the other hand, I understand why this is happening. Everybody hates the space Nazis and unfortunately, they’re only getting more and more powerful. At the moment they are surrounded by enemies which is great, except for the fact that nobody has made a dent in these bastards. Distance has been the main reason I’ve been unable to assist in the war effort. The most I can do is provide favorable trade deals to the Sutharian Tribes. We’ll be monitoring the situation and potentially intervening directly if we come across a wormhole to cut the travel time. Until then, our focus is to uplift an alien race we discovered. These reptiles are pre-sapient but with a little effort, we may have new allies in the galactic struggle to survive. I look forward to the next session and I hope you continue to join me on my journey to galactic peace.